Tips for better performance at weightlifting

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We return from vacation and we have many projects for this new course. The first is to start with weightlifting class this week with Joshua Jove, our weightlifting coach, professional athlete for 5 years and with over ten years experience in the weightlifting.

To start, he has given us a few basic tips which refers to the importance of good technique in the execution of all exercises performed on a wod. A good technique is what allows us to optimize training, enhance marks and, last but not least, avoid injuries.

As a professional in weightlifting, focuses on good technique of movement with the bar. In his first post he wants to give us four key points that will help us with all exercises Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

No. 1: Always the back, and when I say always is always, has to be straight. The head will help us to do it. If we raise our head slightly, automatically our back will get straight.

No. 2: The abdominal and lower back must always be activated, to also prevent us from curling back and protect the muscles.

No. 3: It is very important the sense of the feet on the ground, because that’s where the whole structure begins and where we always have the weight in the right place, well centered and always have the best possible balance.

de que tengamos un peso elevado tenemos que conseguir hacer la técnica lo mejor que podamos igual que cuando tenemos porcentajes bajos

Halterofilia en CrossFit Sant Martí

Halterofilia en CrossFit Sant Martí

Halterofilia en CrossFit Sant Martí

As long as Joshua will lead the classes, he will guide us to improve our Olympic movement and to keep improving our marks.

Thanks Joshua!

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