Johnny’s Experience

This time in this section it is Johnny’s turn. He has to explain to us his experience in CrossFit. A Boston’s guy who has been living in Barcelona for 4 years. He started coming at 7.00 am, he made it a year and a half algo, almost since we opened the doors of CFSM.

We remember his first weeks. He was always complaining, saying that for him it was impossible to train so early, it was too difficult for him to wake up and he was too lazy to come. All coaches explained to him that he would need an adaptation process. Normally the people who come to train at that time never stop because they start the day more active.

One month later, he came one week feeling motivated, saying that at last his body woke up full of energy, at last he felt that just waking up he needed to have breakfast and go to the box to train.

Recently he became father of twins, eventhough that has not prevented him from going on with his trainings. He lost a lot of weight and his attitude has changed completely. Now he is more positive and more energetic than ever.


Here you have his experience:


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