Chronicle Jersey Throwdown

With no to much time to charge bateries and prepare everything we went to a competition in Britanic Islands, Jersey Throwdown. This time was in Jersey, between North of France and South of Ingland.

This time I share competition with Raul Rollan. After the briefing and all the explications for the wods, a couple of them were with a lot of barbell and then one gymnastics chipper. We tried to estructure and break down the corresponding reps in the best eficient way we know.


As it happened in out last competition in Ireland, we were cautious, like a diesel engine, improving and feeling more confortable as we reached to the end of the competition. Definitely, a lot of North Teams of Europe have big complete athletes and balanced in al levels. In conclusion, we get an awesome experience together and a 10th position that it motivates us to keep training and keep improving constantly.


In a short time, we will be in a competitiona gain. Now it’s time to do trainings with our mind, pasion and constancy.



Your coach, Jesús de la Torre.


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