First international team competitions. In general we were satisfed with our results and the performance of each athlete (Chus, Raul Rollan and our partner Ester García from CrossFit SJD).

Let’s start from the begining. The organitzation was great, we have a positive opinion about it. Big area and big sport complex, the organitzation with the order and times to start was always on spot and the material was awesome (for the first time we were using bars and bumpers from the brand Eleiko and it is top notch.

From the begining we knew that we were going to a high level competition in Europe because all the other teams were from north of Europe like Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany too, etc. Experience is a degree and in these kind of countries they have been doing Crossfit for a few years more than Spain.

On the other hand, the wods were anounced one month before and this let us program a good training adjusting loads in the workouts (volume and intensity) adapting to every exercices we were going to execute. A lot of barbell and many gymnastics with a tight time cap.

We were cautious, like a diesel engine, improving and feeling more confortable as we reached the final. In the third and last wod, we got a 4th position, and although we believed we would be in the first 20th teams and we would probably fight in the semi-finals, it was not like that. We were out because of the other results.

Above all, we took home an incredible experience. It was 3 beautiful days to share our pasion for this sport. We musn’t forget, to reward ourselves for all the work and sacrifice done and we must be satisfied for our result.

Currently, we are self-demanding and competitive, it’s a good sign and this makes us progress, but it is important to value positively these small steps, because even if we don’t pay atention day by day, these steps make us go on farther and strong.

Now let’s go for more competitions, this year is gonna be awesome!!

Enjoy life!

Chus de la Torre.

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